Happy New Year to One and All

Today is the day, and if you are reading this, then you have successfully completed 2015. You have now entered into 2016 which is also a leap year & your yearbook is going to have 366 days which means you have to wait another 365 days, not including today for 1 Jan 2017. I want to wish each and everyone a Happy New Year.

For me every year, New Year seems interesting and surprising. Many people start the celebrations from Dec 31 evening itself which will be continued till midnight of Jan 1. Some may go to events hosted by others, or some may organize their own, but at the end, most of the people are going to welcome a new year with great hopes and enthusiasm. Everyone has plans for what to do in New Year; Some work hard on those plans while others just watch others achieving their goals & feels miserable.

Every new year some people make new year resolutions which will have a positive effect on their lifestyles whether they want to go to GYM or want to improve themselves. But 90% of the people who make New Year Resolutions won’t be able to follow them from Jan 2 itself, and Some may follow them for 1 week or 2 week’s tops. They forget the motto of new year resolutions, and when they are about to face the end of the year, They welcome New Year with same old resolutions which they are struggling to follow from past few years.

new year resolutions

There is no sense of making new year resolutions if you are not going to follow them. You can create those little habits which you stated in your resolutions, and you should probably take your time off from Facebook to work on them. Everyone makes mistakes, but only a few can rectify them and accepts it. If you are going to parties every week, then you can make it to the GYM every day, or you can read a book every time which won’t cost a fortune !!!

How I used to celebrate Happy New Year in my childhood

I am going to tell you all How I used to celebrate Happy New Year in my Childhood as I have stopped celebrating it after my X class or SSC due to many reasons. I am not against people who are celebrating, or you can even call me as an Introvert. Back in my childhood, I used to enjoy those New Year Eve’s which we all used to wait for a long time to celebrate. It is always an amazing experience to stay awake till 12 and wish family, friends, even strangers.

Happy New Year cake

Back in my school days, we used to welcome New Year by cutting the cake in class and yelling “Happy New Year”. Everyone comes to school to wish their crush 😛 (Most of you guys who are reading this have a crush in their childhood days, Don’t lie :D) or friends. Although we can watch how students and working professionals are celebrating their New Year Eve in huge parties still we are pretty satisfied with our little things.

We wait eagerly for the day; We used to buy greeting cards to distribute to the whole class. We used to buy those sheets at 2 – 5 rupees which are actually sheets of greeting cards which contain around 12-16 cars which are detachable from the sheet. Usually, distribution of these cards starts from mid-December itself which is an amazing experience and most of you had it.

We used to do several things to make the day special and memorable. At the age of 6 or 7 (Sorry I am unable to recall my exact age that time) we used to gift our teacher’s apples wrapped in a pink gift paper on New Year Ever, and I also remember yelling Happy New Year to strangers on our way back to home. I used to enjoy those days a lot, and I am started to miss them.

Apple Wrapped for New Year

But now things have been changed; I can barely go out on December 31 and celebrate the New Year. I have my reasons to do so, and I am not against anyone. 2015 had a great impact on me, until last year I thought to myself that Why do we need to study we can ace in other fields. Finally, I realized that studies matter the most and I am going to study for myself. I am not afraid of what my neighbors say about my grade, and there is nothing to prove to anyone what I am capable of.

I started this blog for the purpose of sharing my experiences, journies, etc. which will be fulfilled this year. I will write on my blog more frequently, and it serves as a diary for my future self. I wish all my friends a Happy New Year and If I start tagging every person who helped me to complete and achieve my goals in 2015, then this post will become a very long post which makes no sense at all.

I wish all of you start working and make your dream comes true. Don’t be a dreamer, be a doer. So let’s change our lives in this year and make it one of the best year till day. Thank you, one and all and let’s welcome 2016, Happy New Year 2016.

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