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Hi this is Lakshman Teja

Hola everyone, I am Lakshman Teja and you might get a glimpse of me with the help of widget in the right sidebar.  I have been into blogging from June 2013 and was thinking to get a personal blog for myself. I didn’t get the time till now to start one and finally it’s today I am going to share my journey and experiences on this blog.

I encountered several obstacles during my journey which I want to keep track of using this blog so that you may overcome the obstacle by reading my experiences.

Hi this is Lakshman Teja

 am currently studying Computer Science at a local college and the education there is not up to the mark. I am interested in blogging and completed 2 years successfully. The ratio of failed blogs is greater than the blogs which really got succeeded during the journey. I want my personal blog to act as a bridge between by readers and me so that I get a chance to interact with like-minded people.

Today is the day which I will remember forever. The day which I launched and set up the site. I have the idea of starting the personal blog but not too soon until a friend of mine messaged me about free hosting and domain offer. I thought of giving it a try and see how this works. Hearing a lot of buzzing about personal branding nowadays which made me setup and start working on my site and see how it helps me in the long run.

If you stop by and reading this, Thanks a lot for your time and patience. Hope you have a wonderful day. I will keep you all updated with my posts.  You can connect with me on facebook or twitter to have a friendly convo or a casual Hello, Hi and I am looking forward.

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